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Monday, September 26, 2005


PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) is its own worst enemy. Imbued with radical left ideology, PETA-ers are committed to defending the rights of animals worldwide. While their motivation is sincere and their objectives consistent with reasoned thought at times, it's their militancy and hypocrisy that ultimately precludes them from improving the lot of critters as a whole.

One particular goal of PETA's is stopping Big Meat from its techniques in moving live animal to dead animal to restaurant entree. In order to strike a blow at Big Meat's wallet PETA-ers are encouraged not to buy or eat milk, eggs and of course meat.

Because PETA-ers are radically adherent to closemindedness with respect to their moral relativism they don't have any compelling basis by which to persuade Big Meat. Their own religiophilosophy not only prohibits them from achieving their objectives but fertilizes the planet with a worldview that man uses to justify his abuses. Much like the pornographer who instructs the "prude" to "change the channel" if they don't like what's out on TV, so "Big Meat" essentially tells PETA to "change the channel" if they don't like to see animals butchered.

PETA-ers tend to be fond of wealth transfer tax systems, a style of governance that drives quality down and costs up. Big Meat is undoubtedly butchering animals primarily with economics in mind, with cruelty concerns relegated to the afterthought in-box. If the world's religious climate were more Christian than it's likely the animal cruelty factor would diminish and Big Meat's ability to achieve an acceptable level of profit-bling would be easier. But here again PETA has never been lovey-dovey with Jesus.

There's the animosity angle. People are not only not persuaded to change when confronted by activists but apt to go out of their way to antagonize the activists, time-permitting. Because PETA is extremist in its mission and its numbers small with respect to the total population, they lack the muscle to stymie the current practices of Big Meat.

If PETA truly wishes to improve the lot of animals it would disband and its members join the institution that is commanded to care for the bird that falls from its nest--the church of Jesus Christ.

Few people would agree with the methods of Big Meat but that doesn't mean we're obligated to eat bamboo and fried rice in silent protest. If Joseph could work under Pharoah and Daniel under Nebuchadnezzar without riling God then so too can we have a medium-well Delmonico and a scrambled omega-3 egg without incurring guilt.


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