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Friday, September 16, 2005

Go on Take the Money and Run, oo, oo, oo...

Steve Miller Band lyrics? Yes. $2000 Hurricane Katrina FEMA debit cards misused? Yes. What were we expecting? For the recipients to tithe 10%, invest 10% in short-term T-bills and budget the rest to meet future expenses?

As reported in this article our tax dollars converted to these debit cards to help people get back on their feet is being used for short-term happiness therapy. Strip clubs have been recipients of FEMA dollars--not to be confused with monopoly dollars--monetary units rapidly closing the gap on the American dollar in value. Two women apparently purchased $800 handbags. Other high-end merchants have collected a few FEMA dollars.

Yet FEMA is king. They have the brains. We wear the shackles. To thwart this abuse FEMA is now performing direct deposits in bank accounts. I guess they believe if the money is withdrawn from an ATM first then it won't be used to take the under on Saints games this season.


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