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Friday, September 16, 2005

Church People. Imagine that

Laurie Holloway is the deputy managing editor of The Tennessean. She was one of those "no-good, self-appointed do-gooders" that the government and media advised to stay home after Katrina turned the Northern Gulf Coast on its head. One of those people with the audacity to venture down unwelcomed to the land taken over by Hurrican Katrina to help out the newly designated devastated.

In her Editor's notes she chronicled her experience there. (For perspective's sake, note that the article is dated ten days ago--September 6). What is especially noteworthy here is her first-hand account of the massive benefit afforded by the churches. I don't think I've yet seen video or heard reporting on any relief coming from the churches. Relative to Katrina relief, Holloway's piece is the first decent glimpse codifying what God hath decreed--the church is the salt and light of the earth.

She wrote in her notes, "I’m telling you, without the churches, this disaster would be even worse, as hard as it is to believe that’s possible. Donate if you will to the Red Cross or the Salvation Army, but know that the bureaucracy behind the big organizations is simply staggering. Without the people setting up the “renegade” food, clothing and supplies distribution centers, usually at churches, there would be many, many more deaths. Supplies are pouring into this area from all across the nation, huge truckloads of canned goods, water, medical stuff. They’re being collected at these churches, and they’re very organized about getting the supplies out to folks. I’m very impressed."

If your poor and live in a disaster-prone area get to know Christians. Statist governments are adept of promising filet mignon and delivering sawdust. The church is filled with bumbling, stumbling, untrained people known for, among other good things, putting on excellent covered dishes. When a short-term famine is roaring at you with 145mph winds and 20 foot storm surges, if you're a loner it would be a good time to repent and join a Christian church.


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