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Sunday, September 25, 2005

Bag Servers Lack Incentive

In the 1970s Saturdays rocked for the bag boy at the local supermarket. The best ones could leave home with $20 or more. Adjusted for inflation, if bag boys, er... bag servers (chauvinistically sanitized) today could accept tips they could fund Social Security for a month. But, signs say they deliver groceries to your trunk for free and that they're not permitted to accept tips. It's part of the service. What this means is something, I'm just not sure what though. What it doesn't mean is what it says.

Bag boys in the 70s moved quickly. They bagged quickly and burned some serious glucose. The bling at the end of the produce carrot stick was very motivational. With bag servers banned from accepting tips they've downshifted to FEMA speed.

Are tips banned because stores can get by highering less bag servers, because there's concern with the feelings of whomever would go home with the least dough, or is there some other reason?


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