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Friday, August 05, 2005

Play Dead, Snuppy!

Man has apparently finally cloned a dog--Snuppy--ten years post-Dolly the cloned sheep. Instead of being a product of what what other dogs normally do to bear pups, this Afghan hound came forth from a skin cell of another Afghani. So much for family reunions and birthday parties. What does one buy for a petri dish anyways?

Cloning is an effort by man to do that which God has ordained by a better, proper and holy means. Ironically, the more man achieves in the realm of science the more man realizes the depth of the improbability that God doesn't exist. From one cell is coded a full being. That's detail, complication and intricacy that would drive a right-thinking Darwinian right to Genesis 1:1.

In his arrogance man will clone away even if it's outlawed. Fortunately God seems to have imposed a high failure rate for successful clonings, which speaks of the wonderment of the womb as opposed to the sterile laboratory. One almost has to laugh that a male and female of little reputation and intelligence can produce live offspring with more ease and success than the best and smartest of scientists.


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