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Saturday, August 13, 2005

Pediarix or Pedi risk?

A new five-in-one vaccine-- Pediarix --was FDA-approved a few years ago and waiting in a pediatrician's office near you. With it the Hepatitis B, Diptheria-Pertussis-Tetanus and Polio vaccines are all combined into one shot. After you read what Dr. Sherri Tenpenny has to say about Pediarix it will give you a broader information base, enabling a more thought-out decision before consenting to having junior needlized.

One of the major reasons parents spend so little time investigating vaccines themselves is because they generally believe schools mandate these things, their parents had them vaccinated and they're still alive, and they see so many healthy kids walking the malls and ball fields.

I've started a brand new blog that will focus solely on vaccines. Thus far there are links to some of the vintage "anti-vaccine" websites. However, "anti-vaccine" should not carry a negative connotation unless the "pro-vaccine" message is more sound. Go to vaccines.blogspot.com and check out these sites, including the one on vaccine exemptions.


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