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Friday, August 05, 2005

Olde Men Need to Watch Their Wives' Tips

A local jeweler related that once a week he gets a customer request for a new diamond ring because the previous diamond was lost. Moreover he said once the new diamond is purchased the old one is found about a week or two later.

If you look at your wife's ring it probably has four or six prongs holding the diamond in place. Once a tip or two is worn then the diamond succumbs to gravitational pull. You're now in Gotta-Find-Diamond mode.

Every few years check your wife's tips and make sure they're not worn. It'll cost you less than a hundred bucks for a new head (replacing all the tips), which generally runs less than the cost of a new diamond. And you may get a clean job on the whole ring to boot. One can only imagine how many women are running around with large diamond rocks with a coast of grime that masks the gem's inherent beauty.

Watch your tips. Clean your gem. Sounds like something a high school basketball coach would say, eh?


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