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Friday, August 05, 2005

John Roberts, Jr. - See my children?

Supreme Court Justice nominee John J. Roberts, Jr. was featured on the Drudge Report last week in an article exploring whether or not there were any shenanigans in the adoption of his children. Curiously the featured article soon disappeared. Typically on Drudge a featured article becomes a second-tier article it still hangs out there until bumped by other bigger stories. It's not uncommon to see links to news stories on Drudge for as long as three days. One wonders why Drudge pulled the article so fast. Then lo and behold, a like article reappeared a few days later/ It leads one to believe that the adoption was either not done legally, or at best, that political favors were granted from on "high" (not to be confused with "high." See Chong, Cheech and). Adoption is great. But one would think if there's nothing to hide that we could get past this blackout phase.

Here's a sample of the family photo of Roberts, his wife Jane, and the two children, Jack and Josie, in the White House taken on the night President Bush introduced him to the nation as his Supreme Court Justice nominee. It's interesting to note that Roberts' wife was wearing a pink dress that night that was similar to the one Jackie Kennedy Onassis was wearing when her husband and president, John F. Kennedy, was assassinated. Roberts' son Jack was dressed in an outfit that reminded one of what John-John was wearing at the Kennedy funeral procession. Roberts' daughter Josie's outfit was reminescent of Caroline Kennedy leaving church after an Easter service. The children's outfits were certainly out of step with postmodernity dress.

It seems like Bush's handlers went out of their way to dress the Roberts family to appear sympathetic and likeable, at lease to the subconscious of the average American. Dressing them up to invoke memories of the Kennedy family at the time when sympathy peaked for them is not only Clintonesque, but appaently Bushenesque as well.


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