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Saturday, August 13, 2005

Have you sprayed yourself?

With a handful of West Nile Virus victims in the local area the media is beside themselves warning us to apply insect repellant. Naturally a chemical--DEET--is recommended over the more body-friendly "Skin-So-Soft."

The man-on-the-street interviews making inquiry into whether or not people are spraying themselves yields ultra poor compliance by the citizenry.

If you run the numbers one's odds of contracting West Nile Virus likely parallel that of getting hit by lightning or the Tampa Bay Devil Rays winning the World Series. Instead of public health officials and the media insisting we all spray liver-unfriendly DEET on ourselves it would be nice of them if they merely calculated the risks verse benefits and then run their stories as a suggestion instead of an admonition.

What are the odds that these media people are wearing DEET on the air or when going home, after verbally whipping us? (see Rays, Devil)


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