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Friday, July 01, 2005

User-unfriendly Government

If the CEOs and their inner circles at Enron, WorldCom, Dynergy, TYCO, Adelphia, Qwest, ImClone, Arthur Anderson and a host of other businesses, had agreed to ajudicate themselves, with a promise to investigate and punish any and all illegalities, guess what? Probably one hundred percent of them would have called press conferences on a sundry Friday afternoon and announced that the witch hunts came up empty. "We must now get back to work and serve our team members and loyal customers, without whom..." Then Ken Lay, Dennis Kozlowski and the other swindlers would still be out predatorizing money that could otherwise be put to good use.

Any chance that the bloated federal government would have less problems, and personal wealth, if they got out of "service" industries (e.g. public education) and the welfare dollar procurement business to avoid conflicts of interest?


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