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Saturday, July 23, 2005

The Unsplendidness of Splenda

The artificial sweetner Splenda is now the King Kong for sugaraphobics. Not that sugar is good, of course, in the amounts most Americans consume. Alternative sweetners Equal and Sweet N' Low have been passed and lapped by Splenda in sales.

Dr. Joseph Mercola points out in this article that Splenda (sucralose) was approved by the FDA after examining the results of two completed and published trials. Two trials with a total of 36 human subjects. Children conduct larger trials before eating peas, at much less cost no less! Mercola points out that the chlorocarbon Splenda's chemical structure bears more resemblance to DDT than sugar. As corroborated on this site Splenda is in the same family as chlorodane, lindane and DDT. Chlorodane kills termites. Lindane kills lice. (Note that when chlorine is added to sodium to form table salt it's classification is not a chlorocarbon. This debunks the myth that because chlorine is safe in table salt it's also safe in Splenda.

So, as stated here, if you ever have a shrunken thymus, enlarged liver or an increase in glycosylated hemoglobin, check to see if you're a Splenda imbiber.

Splenda can be found in these American products.


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