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Saturday, July 30, 2005

Shaping Young Minds

There was a time when Hollywood would censor a movie if the word "gay" was used pejoratively. In the advent of wider acceptance of homosexuality as a moral lifestyle option in western civilization, Hollywood seeks to ingrain its "normalcy" in the young minds of today by its usual positive portrayal of homosexuals in movies. In the just-released Must Love Dogs (starring John Cusack and Diane Lane) there's a scene wherein two homosexual men ("partners") console and advise the heterosexual divorced and forlorn Sarah (Diane Lane) as she struggles in her search for her next mate.

In recent years you had Tom Hanks portray a homosexual in an audience-friendly way in Philadelphia (1993). There was Robin Williams' character Aramand in The Birdcage (1996). Rupert Everett portrays a friend-editor-counselor to Julia Roberts' character in My Best Friend's Wedding (1997)-- a movie that grossed $299 million worldwide. There are other examples.

Not content with getting homosexuals more and larger roles in its movies the past fifteen years or so, Hollywood continues to imbue superior character traits into its homosexual characters to further justify this escapist lifestyle.

This is not to suggest homosexuals can't be friendly, intelligent, gifted in vocations, etc., for such is possible and evident. What's at issue here is the one-sidedness approach taken by Hollywood and its intentional abstention from releasing movies wherein the homosexual is seen tearing at the very fabric of society. And that is what we expect from Hollywood given the state of American culture dating back to the days when the Baby Boomers were trialing the LSD and tie-dyed tee-shirt markets.

The youth of today are influenced more by the wide screen than they are history books. Hollywood could trot out a string of movies casting men-boy relationships in a positive light and have the ACLU defend such relationships on CNN and FOXnews before Chelsea Clinton is legally able to run for President of the United States. Culture changes that fast.

Full disclosure - I saw the Julia Roberts movie and the current dog liking movie. I passed on The Birdcage and Philadelphia having foreknowledge of the contents.


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