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Saturday, July 16, 2005

Movie Reviews That Aren't

I can't recall anyone recommending a movie or even going to one based on the quickie review that's incorporated into the newspaper ads. "Two Thumbs Up." "Hit of the Summer." "Best Movie this Year." "Sensational." It's rare to see a neutral review and it's likely a poor review has never made it into these ads. I'm not willing to research it. Sorry. The blood baths bad movies might endure crop up elsewhere, not in newspaper ads.

People generally rate movies by way of their wallet. If you produced Son of the Mask you're probably thinking, why didn't I produce Star Wars:Episode III- Revenge of the Sith instead. If you check out Boxofficemojo you easily see the saber rattling movie has grossed $372 million (domestically) while Son of the Mask basks in 54th place with a cool $17 million (domestically) to-date.

The owners of these movies obviously pay "Yes Men" to write their ads or else they go unemployed. Therefore the movie review experts emasculate themselves for the sake of the dollar. The job they do best is con work. They're not too dissimilar from the National Cholesterol Education Board.


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