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Saturday, July 23, 2005

Mercury is Rising. CDC and FDA are Hiding.

It's rare to give credit to a Kennedy, but Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. deserves props for his article in Rolling Stone, assailing the CDC and FDA in their handling of vaccines and related data with respect to their safety. Parents of autistic children have been screaming for years that the mercury compound thimerosal [49.5% mercury) caused their child's condition. Generation Rescue has been highly successful treating autism in fact, using a multifactorial approach that includes chelation therapy. It's a parent-funded organization, which in part explains its success. Read some of the testimonials!

Kennedy's article takes us back to the secret meeting held at a Methodist retreat center called Simpsonwood. Big shots from the CDC, FDA and Big Druga were there to study findings pursuant to a 1997 Congressional mandate to review mercury in drugs and biologicals. Not only was the meeting secret but the notes were "embargoed" to prevent access by nosey people keen to the Freedom of Information Act. I suspect the motive of our leaders was to protect and serve the interests of children, seniors and those in the midst of the War on Povert... er, Terror.

Vaccines bring in over $7 billion a year for Big Druga and the figure is rising. When people like Senator Frist receive contributions from Big Druga exceeding $870,000 and then insert the "Eli Lilly Protection Act" (Eli Lilly developed thimerosal in the 1930s) into the homeland security bill you understand why your children were being jacked up with thimerosal "for their own good."

Autism is just one potential problem associated with vaccines. If you want the counter arguments to what the CDC and FDA are feeding physicians you might find the insights from Dr. Sherri Tenpenny

Which pediatric vaccines still contain thimerosal? Click here.

Here's how to legally avoid getting your children vaccinated.


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