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Saturday, July 02, 2005

Lions, Tigers and Stevia... Oh My!

Let lions equal sugar, tigers equal aspartame, and bears equal Splenda (sucralose). Bad, bad, bad. Health food gurus favor Stevia if you're going to plunge into the land of sweeteners. Personally, I've tried it in my cappuccinos and it's average per my taste buds. I've always loved sugar, and who hasn't, but I'm in the midst of a self-imposed sugar ban until further notice. So Stevia it is.

Here's an interesting link to a website linking the approval of evil aspartame to W's Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfield.


Blogger eve said...

Wow great info, I love how you give sources and info for others to research and find out for themselves what to beleive. People need to start taking matters into their own hands and not just beleiving everything they are told especially by our government and their doctors! Thanks for helping others to become aware of the poisons that are on the market. Knowledge is power and we can help one person at a time, every little bit helps. Peace & Love & Health to you!

7:27 PM  

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