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Monday, July 18, 2005

Job Opportunity for Pet Psychics

Drudge has run two stories recently about males nailed for performing bestialic acts with dogs. In one case the dog died. Fortunately the vast majority of Americans are anti-bestiality. A side benefit to this supermajority is we've collectively saved millions of dollars not having to deconstruct postmodernist activists' wailings decrying the extreme fanaticism of bestialophobes.

It's expected bestiality will increase sans a Christian revival so I look for defense attorneys to see an opportunity ($) here. They'll have to prove in a court of "law" the man-animal relationship was consenusal and bring in pet psychics as expert witnesses to affirm said consenuality.

This will get muddy as pet psychics can cut deals with both the plaintiff and defense sides for the associated bling ($). Eventually the bloated state governments will require pet psychics to be licensed to weed out the "frauds."

What does this all mean to you and me? It means our tax dollars will be spent to help figure out if bestiality is wrong. Hate to be judgmental here.


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