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Saturday, July 09, 2005

The Great non-Atonement of Live8

Another observation about the recent Live8 concerts held to alleviate hunger in Africa. Concert-goers, relatively speaking, tend to break more laws than most other groups of people. And when people commit transgressions there's a tendency to overlook the transgression dejour of others. Tit for tat. What not negotiated though is the associated guilt accrued by both parties. And when you consider the cumulative lawbreaking at past concerts there is a wealth of pent-up guilt crying out for atonement. Hence the self-determined restitution of collecting money to feed the poor in Africa.

It's a halfhearted measure, that will bring relief for a few days. But what you're not likely to witness is concertgoers organizing and moving to Africa to train the locals in producing their own food and wealth. There are too many more concerts to go to.

Live8 was mostly a massive counterfeit atonement. There there will not be a decrease in the death rate in Africa after the money is spent. The poverty cycle will continue, and the expectation of the concertgoers to be free of their collective and individual guilt remains unmet.


Anonymous Devony said...

Preach, Mr. Parrish! Sad, but true...

5:49 PM  

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