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Saturday, July 30, 2005

Echinacea Rejects Life Support - Vows to Fight

The flood of media reports recently about the "prestigious" New England Journal of Medicine study (funded by bloated central government), concluding that the popular herbal product Echinacea is ineffective in both the treatment and prevention of colds, were so decidedly unequivocal in tone and conclusion that I knew immediately the truth was Big Druga actually fears its efficacy. Why? Well, if Echinacea is efficacious then Big Money leaves Big Druga and goes to Big Health Fooda. Historically I've rarely caught colds and hence haven't had to try Echinacea too often. Therefore, I write this observationally.

On Bill Sardi's "Knowledge of Health website" he has posted a counterpoint piece that you undecideds may wish to digest. Sardi indicates the doses used in the study were less than 1/3 than recommended by the American Herbal Products Association, and that mice feed Echinacea outlived mice fed normal mice food.

A $300 million market, which Echinacea enjoys, isn't one Big Druga is likely to overlook. As long as they run ads in JAMA and like-"prestigious" journals, studies designed with outcomes predetermined will continue to fill their pages. Western Medicine phagocytozes a little more religious cultic broth each day, paralyzing its ability to maintain credibility.

Pro-Echinaceans will likely not go away quietly. They'll seek out more info like what Sardi provides and make their own judgments. They'll tell others what they learned. I suspect after this initial thump by Big Druga Echinacea sales will increase in 2006.


Anonymous Greg Rummo said...

Much of this herbal stuff is hype. The companies selling nutritional supplements don't do any of their own research. I know because I sell it to them for a living. Here's some good alternate advice: Eat right, exercise, get a good night's sleep, don't smoke or drink alcohol or use illicit drugs and you'll live long if God wills.

5:18 PM  

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