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Sunday, July 03, 2005

Central Government's Visual Drivel

Much like shady businesses keep two sets of books--one for public consmption and the other for the "inner circle"--so it's probable that our government leaders generally behave in the same fashion. For example, fix your eyes on these moving magenta patches, without reading the accompanying text to the left of the image. Let this represent the daily Washington and media drivel (i.e. Social Security will be fixed, Medicare will remain solvent, our children are getting a good education, our presence in Afghanistan and Iraq has nothing to do with oil, we're freedom-loving people, etc.).

Now go back to the image and hold your gaze on the black cross in the center of the circling magenta patches. What do you see? .....

Let that new image represent what our leaders share amongst themselves. You'll never be made privy to the message of the green patch so you have to do your best to figure it out. Those are the accounting books that really matter.


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