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Saturday, July 30, 2005

Bring Back Leftovers!

My wife and I were slow to buy our first microwave oven. Years passed post-release before that happened. At first it was used to bring water to a hot temperature then later expanded to pop popcorn and reheat leftovers. Explaining why cream corn tasted different heated by a microwave versus warming on a stove was perplexing. After a while it was determined everything tasted different after passage through a microwave.

It appears microwave ovens are indeed potentially producers of bad things. I've not delved much into the issues broached on the site linked here, but for the sake of enjoying food's original flavor I've ramped up the use of our conventional oven for reheating leftovers. It's been a pleasant romp to the past. Leftovers again taste like they did when originally cooked.

Preheat to 375F and warm for typically 8-12 minutes depending on the amount of food inserted behind oven door. And don't burn yourself.


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