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Thursday, July 14, 2005

Body Modification - Unfulfillment Guaranteed

Now that tattooing is, unfortunately, widely accepted in American culture, extreme body modification is the next form of body "art" poised to turn America into a haven for National Geographic photographers. While multiple ear piercings and tongue piercings are commonplace, it's not often, yet, where you'll see people suspended in air by hooks in their backs ala a New Year's Eve pig, or common folk with branding marks (sans a few fraternity folk).

Fakir Musafar (pronounced Fahkeer Mooshuhfar) is credited as being one of the major players for advancing body mutilation, er, modification here in the homeland. To Musafar body mutilation is paying homeage and tribute to past cultures and their ritualistic experiences. For the subculture at-large it's a means of exacting pain to ultimatley gain pleasure. A sense of "psychic energy" is felt. And of course, there's a bonding with others who take pleasure in mutilation.

Tattoos, brandings, suspendings, piercings, etc., bring all the fulfillment that a drug addiction brings to an addict. It's unrewarding enough in the midst of its rewards to necessitate more of the same.

Dilaudid (hydromorphone) is a potent opiate painkiller. Most patients in severe pain find relief with 1-3mg intravenously every few hours. Occassionally you'll see a cancer patient who has built up a tolerance and requires 100-200mg a day, if not more, to somewhat alleviate the pain. Those people generally die in short order. The penultimate body modifier awaits a like fate if he/she pushes the profession to "honorable" limits.

Body "art" in all its forms is temporarily satisfying. Those who practice it would be better served to admit whatever it is that brings them discontent and deal with that rather than disfigure their bodies.


Anonymous Devony said...

hmmmm...is it possible for someone to simply think that body art in the form of tattoos and certain body piercings is just pretty? Beauty being in the eye of the beholder, I realize. The pain associated with it is not my favorite part, personally. It's like the pain associated with lots of the things we do in the name of changing things up, looking pretty, being creative...many hair changes are also not done w/o some pain involved. Eye brows must be waxed, hair can be bleached, colored, permed, straightened, curled, etc. In the end, it is an expression, a thing that this tattooed, pierced, bleached girl thinks is lovely and fun - in spite of the attendant discomfort that must be overcome...
As long as my outer man does not become my focus and all there is to me, I'm ok with it.
I sure hope I am not offensive to you, Bro. I would not want what I consider to be good to be spoken of as evil...the kingdon is not a matter of eating or drinking...I love you, brother.

8:08 AM  

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