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Saturday, July 23, 2005

Backpacking Islamacists

In the wake of "7-7" (London bombings linked to non-catchy acronym), "7-21" (yet-to-be-used acronym for botched London bombings) and "7-23" (non-acronym of the bombing of the Egyptian resort in Sharm al-Sheikh), the handwringing media and politicians are busy trying to convince us we're fearful. Whereas in my travels I can't find anyone yet to mention 7-7 (cheesy acronym referencing backpacking Islamacists) or 7-21, I suspect the fear is confined to the 0.00000001% of the population directly impacted, the population garnering 99.999999% of news coverage.

Islamacists find their inspiration in Mohammad--a dead, former sword-yielding illiterate. Backpacking Islamacists need a heart and mind change, and not fear of a backpack searching dragnet in large cities better known for botching "social services." While the politicians battle boogey men that hide under their reelection beds it's incumbent upon the Christian church to evangelize those trapped in Islam to marginalize these 7-7-type inspirators, instigators and agitators.


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