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Thursday, June 30, 2005

A surprise knifing?

Last month a well-liked tattoo artist, Tommy Laskas, 29, was stabbed to death inside Tampa's Club Masquerade, a Ybor City bar, during a performance by heavy metal artists Corrosion of Conformity. The band members address the knifing on its website.

Not knowing Mr. Laskas, his long-time girlfriend, also stabbed yet surviving to-date, it's difficult to know his motivation for attending the show that night. Was he there reluctantly? Was it on his calender for weeks and the expected highlight of his week? Something in-between?

When one sizes up the band per its interviews and lyrics it's no surprise that a stabathon could take place at one of its gigs. Corrosion of Conformity's song Break the Circle , reads,

"Ultimate, desolate condition of man
Laid to waste
Born again, dead again, once again
Take me out of this place
You're in violation, you cross the line
The line you found within your mind
And when the process come undone
You die alone, the victory's none

Hear the warning, the end's beginning
When you break the circle, you have no right to live."

Apart from the lyrics dripping with beauty and wisdom in the minds of some postmodernists, the lyrics lack beauty and wisdom.

Anyone who would insert themselves in a mix of this band, a "splash" of alcohol, and moshers in a Zip Code that routinley attracts lawbreakers increases their risk for bodily harm.


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