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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Siths, Vaders and Skywalkers

Annakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi went toe-to-toe in a far away galaxy eons ago. Good vs. evil. At least those are the positions the combatants staked out. Both men had supernatural powers yey despite that they had to struggle to get what they wanted. Both men feared death. To this fact their quest to salt and light the galaxy was undermined by their weakness and shortcomings. To sum up, neither man was God and neither man sought God.

Not having omniscience, and beset with other hindrances, why so much energy expended on fulfilling a monumental task with unknown consequences? Much like America, people in position of political power who sweat blood for your benefit generally don't know exactly what their fulfilled goals portend. (And note that the importance of fulfilling unrealized goals always outweighs the benefits of goals achieved).

George Lucas' sexology (i.e. 6-part series) tapped into the world's collective heart by weaving human frailities inherent to our being--especially pride and lust for power-- into the internal motivation of his main characters. Throw in a few special effects,interesting characters and the lofty external goal of ruling a galaxy and Lucas secured himself preferential treatment at the restaurant of his choice for the rest of his life (assuming he nevers faces the embarrassment of having to wear adult diapers).


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