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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Biker-induced Screaming Meemies

A piece on Inside Edition the other day reported on a new craze wherein groups of daredevil motorcyclists perform stunts on real highways and regular roads while being filmed by someone else in the group. In turn the video is transferred onto DVDs and sold. The riders have next to no regard for other motorists and often flaunt their hobby in front of law enforcement officials. When the reporter asked one of the bikers why they would endanger other people so brazenly and disregard speed limits he delivered a very postmodern answer. In so many words he claimed the level of danger was insignificant and that because speed limits change depending on what road you're traveling you can basically disregard all speed limits altogether. I wonder how these bikers would react if thieves started a motorcycle part pilfering club because they felt laws against motorcycle part theft were "conflicting."

As the Apple commercial has taught us, "Life is Random." If life is random then so is theft, and speed, ... I suppose.


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