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Thursday, June 30, 2005

Are Conspiratorialists Conspiratorial?

Man's nature is fallen. In God's eternal court of justice you're saddled with the death penalty at birth. Your tendencies are to gravitate toward sin. God's mercy and grace and sound teaching from your elders can lead you out of many foul habits. Responding to personal conviction doesn't hurt either. Redemption and salvation in Christ through faith in Him stays the execution permanently.

Satan's encounter with Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden showed him to be conspiratorial and power hungry, inclusively. He sought to subvert God's authority and to enslave Adam and Eve in the process. The apple was merely a means to an end. It's market value was nil at that point. Don't blame the apple. It's role in this blockbuster scene was smaller than a cameo by Alfred Hitchcock in one of his own flicks. The choice Eve made, in the absence of Adam and his would-be counsel, has led to several consecutive millennia wherein generations of people have struggled to reestablish God's kingdom in the face of great wickedness. A steady stream of tyrants have kept a dependable presence seeking to fulfill the task flubbed by Satan. Flubbed? Yes. Flubbed. Eventually God will fully restore His Kingdom and completely squash the last of coups attempted by man.

Nero was perhaps the worst of the worst. If he were privy to modern day consultants and more history he might have been instructed to kiss more babies in public, carry a Torah, go to a home church some, and ban the ancient "press" from his parties lit by burning Christians.

Man today may not be as bad as Nero for the most part, but everyone is either for Christ or against Christ. There's enough unbelieving rich people undoubtedly as conspiratorial and power hungry as Satan yet operating with more sophistication in hopes of not getting caught furthering their lofty goals.

Todays antichrists are ubiquitous. Conspiracies abound. Conniving men's paths intersect and the quest to be Satan-incarnate is highly competitive. The modern day press ridicules conspiratorialists (and rightfullty so in many instances) likely because people with great wealth and influence understand the importance of controlling information. Today's conspirators aren't dealing with just Eve but literally billions of people. The game is more complicated.

Man is better to be deemed untrustworthy until proven otherwise. Man likes to be liked.

If you espouse a evidence-based conspiracy theory and are met with shaken heads and a wealth of pity, note that it's wholesale acceptance of much of mainstream thought that generally deserves a look of flummoxity.


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