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Saturday, June 25, 2005

Anarchy is logical

In the midst of a moderately light pilates workout the other night I overheard two young men in their mid-twenties fleshing out some finer points about religion and philosophy. The obligatory names were flung about--Sartre, Nietzsche, Plato--with Christianity being dismissed as mean and silly. It was time to turn off the CD player and, in wrestling parlance, jump over the top rope (as if Christ needed me to set the record set. Nay, but it's a calling anyway).

The ex-Catholic, probable non-Christian fellow was less adamant about his state of confusion than the other guy with the ponytail. Dr. Ponytail was an intellectual amalgam comprised of of agnostic, secular humanist, existentialist and Easter mysticist thinking. When asked why he wouldn't put his faith in Christ he said his logical mind prohibits such a foolish notion. When told his freedom must "logically" be afforded to others be declined to agree. Wanting to see game 7 between the Spurs and the Pistons I brushed the dust from my feet and went home (But not before suggesting he read Cornelius Van Til's teaching on presuppositions!)

Logic must proceed from God. Dr. Ponytail refuses to put his faith in Christ and thus lives his life out from a flawed system of logic. One day he'll repent or continue a confused life beset with vanity.

This isolationist, man-centered genuflecting to perceived logic, by extrapolation necessiates the allowance of like liberty to all other thinking life forms. Hence, those who run child slave labor camps, engage in organized crime, practice the "art" of pedophilia, are implicitly granted license to ply their trade as their logical minds dictate. The sum result is anarchy in all of its non-blissful bliss.


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