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Thursday, May 12, 2005

When Cessnas Buzz Washington, D.C.

Yesterday America endured a 9-11-type fire drill in our nation's capital when a small Cessna airplane entered the DC "no-fly zone." It ended up to be fifteen minutes of harmlessness but it reminds us of one of the many drawbacks with an oppressive, tentacle-happy federal government.
With so much national power entrenched in a small geographical area it becomes a target hotter than we need. If the states had greater power than the targets would be less enticing and multiply by fifty in number.
Think of it in terms of money. Money seems to get a lot of attention here in the homeland. If you had a zillion dollars would you keep it one place or spread it out? A few billion under the mattress; another few billion in CDs; a few thousand shares of Microsoft; gold stocks in Switzerland, etc. One's vulnerability is markedly diminished when their wealth is decentralized. The same holds true for the power of the sword.
If DC is ever "renovated" as Baghdad West then our antagonist will have certainly added insult to injury.


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