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Sunday, May 15, 2005

Tattoo Fever

Tattoos haven't been taboo for years now. At least according to the average American. Between sunrise and sundown you're bound to see plenty of them whether you're at the office, vegging in front of cable television, passing by a billboard or elsewhere. First cousin to tattooing would be body piercing. It too is increasing in popularity.

People tend to like to change their surroundings. Thrice-worn outfits are replaced by new duds. Wall furnishings and coats of paint are periodically updated. What's fashionable today will be Smithsonian Institute material within two or three decades. But tattoos are permanent. Unless of course they're removed, in which case they would be retroactively considered nonpermanent. So it's all perspective.

Body art has not only gone mainstream but it's spreading all over the body. Some people sport more colored ink than they do flesh. It's certain future generations will make their own statement as did their parents' generation. I suspect we'll be seeing animal bones hanging from various body parts before too long. Body piercing with needles may give way to body piercing with railroad spikes. In cultures with a weak Christian commitment the shock threshold tends to rise. What's next? Ask your 13-year-old friends. They or their friends are about five years from anointing themselves as the most enlightened people to ever exist since the beginning of time.


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