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Sunday, May 15, 2005

Pedophiles Gone Wild

America's Most Wanted host, John Walsh, said on Larry King Live the other night that there are 100,000 unregistered pedophiles in the United States. These would have to be criminals released for "good behavior." There's even more than that released and registered.

If only 1% of the unregistered pedophiles commit another like-crime next year, that means 1000 more children will be added to the victims list in one year's time. To sum up, pedophile crime stories will be as prevalent in the news as political promises to improve our lives for the sake of our future, our children and our seniors. Apparently we're OK with that otherwise we would do something about it. GPS tracking won't work. Strict laws won't deter behavior.

As an aside, if "scientists" ever "prove" that pedophilia is genetically determined, how would that affect public debate? If kleptomania, pyromania and cannibalism were shown to have a genetic component does that mean society needs to have a hands-off policy when these people exercise their genetically-driven behavior? Do genetics automatically impart morality? Are "birth defects" inherently evil, righteous or neither?

Whenever "scientists" supposedly justify a behavior because of a genetic predisposition such conclusions are foolhardy. Beware when any behavior is ruled acceptable because the genes say so.


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