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Thursday, May 12, 2005

A New Kind of "Rage?"

Many appropriate adjectives have been used in describing Jerry Hobbs, the man who repeatedly stabbed his eight-year-old daughter and her nine-year-old friend to death this past Mother's Day. The details were gruesome.

In a society that likes to explain away a lot of bad behavior as "fill-in-the-blank rage," it's been nice NOT to hear any media "experts" claim he was afflicted with "Daughter Rage." It's bad enough that road rage, airplane rage, biker rage, surfer rage and little league rage have gained acceptance in the national lexicon. I can see Hobbs giving the insanity plea a go but his attorney will stuff any notion that his behavior was caused by "Daughter Rage." We haven't slipped that far. Personally, I'm still getting over the evolution of "road rage."

Hobbs deserves the death penalty and preferably it will be metted out without delay. However, look for Hobbs to sit on death row for decades to come while we all contribute tax dollars to subsidize his housing and meal expenses.


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