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Monday, March 28, 2005

Terry Schiavo

The Terri Schiavo case has been the focus of intense media attention for several days running. Her parents have lost hope in having the courts mandate that her feeding tube be reinserted, and have turned to dealing with funeral issues instead.

Before long all the major networks and Internet news sites will be reporting "Breaking News." "Terry Schiavo Dead" will be painted across computer screens and televisions worldwide, and painted across newspapers in big block letters. Analysis and reanalysis will fill hours of television time.

This is indeed a sad and heart-wrenching situation. Who hasn't said to themselves, I'm glad I'm not Terry, or her mother, or her father. Think of the number of people who have filled out living wills this past week.

What we know for certain is that we do not know much for certain. We've been privy to seeing a lot of old video clips yet denied recent video. We have one discredited witness (see "two children with other woman"), with no hard evidence of "his wife's" wishes with respect to end-of-life issues, and a litany of suspicious court hearings. For all we know Michael Schiavo is telling the truth. Who would fault Terry for having said at one time, "if I'm ever semi-comatose and being kept alive by a feeding tube for years on end, go ahead and "pull the plug." Probably most of us have said that, especially this past week. But unfortunately, by Michael's past and present actions it's prudent to question his veracity and motivation. His attorney had donated money in the past to the election campaign of the judge. Why didn't the judge recuse himself? Why didn't Michael allow Terri's parents to take care of her when they're willing and able?

Will likely never know the answer to these and other questions. We will see and hear so-called experts on TV to boost ratings. And ratings are good for selling commercial time. Occasionally we'll hear from physicians and have opportunity to parse their testimony. Ratings. It seems like it always comes back to the money trail.

Notwithstanding the abortion issue, one has to wonder if God is shining a bright light on the advent of involuntary euthanasia in America with this case. Not that God permits euthanasia for nothing in the Bible indicates that He does. But that does not preclude Him from exposing evil for we know that He does. When the church is silent the state marches over all those that attempt to impede its construction of its modern Tower of Babel. The church might consider the Schiavo case as the proverbial wake-up call.

If this isn't a case of euthanasia by no means does it mean the courts will forever outlaw it. In light of the national debt, the right-to-everything, and the current culture's hostility to the Christian faith, involuntary euthanasia may one day be as popular as abortion.


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