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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Need a reason to raise your cholesterol?

Swedish doctor Uffe Ravnskov wrote an article extolling the virtues of "high" cholesterol. If your wringing your hands over having to take a statin (i.e. Zocor, Lipitor, Crestor, Lescol, Pravachol or Mevacor) then there's plenty here to get excited about. One day the medical establishment will have to respond to Ravnskov (and those of like mind at thincs.org) and reach some reasonable conclusions. Both sides of the cholesterol argument have made claims wherein peaceful coexistence is an impossibility. Not having time to pour over all of the references I'll stop short of declaring a victor and just say Ravnskov and company are looking good as I write. Go to this site for a summary of Ravnskov's postion. Buy his book, "The Cholesterol Myths," if you want more info. It's a great read


Blogger Jeffrey Dach MD said...

Perhaps you have seen the Direct-to-Consumer TV and print advertisements with Robert Jarvik, the inventor of the Jarvik Heart, speaking on behalf of the Pfizer’s anti-cholesterol drug, Lipitor.

Perhaps Jarvik is not the best choice for the Lipitor campaign which has had mixed reviews. Instead of Jarvik, a more convincing yet unlikely spokesman would be the popular Duane Graveline MD MPH, a former NASA astronaut, and author who was started on Lipitor during an annual astronaut physical at the Johnson Space Center, and 6 weeks later had an episode of transient global amnesia, a sudden form of total memory loss described in his book, Lipitor Thief of Memory.

Two more unlikely spokesmen for the Lipitor ad campaign include Mary Enig and Uffe Ravnskov.

Should either one be selected as Lipitor spokesman, I myself would run down to the corner drug store to buy up the drug. It seems unlikey that even Pfizer’s deep pockets could ever induce them to recant their opposing position on the cholesterol theory of heart disease.

Mary G. Enig writes, ”hypercholesterolemia is the health issue of the 21st century. It is actually an invented disease, a problem that emerged when health professionals learned how to measure cholesterol levels in the blood.

Uffe Ravnskov MD PhD is spokesman for Thincs, The International Network of Cholesterol Skeptics, and author of “The Cholesterol Myths, Exposing the Fallacy That Saturated Fat and Cholesterol Cause Heart Disease”. His controversial ideas have angered loyal cholesterol theory supporters in Finland who demonstrated by burning his book on live television.

For more discussion on this, see my newsletter: Lipitor and The Dracula of Modern Technology

Jeffrey Dach MD

6:07 PM  
Anonymous Zocor Side Effects said...

My name is Todd Thomas and i would like to show you my personal experience with Zocor.

I am 55 years old. Have been on Zocor for 4 years now. Zocor did lower my cholesterol. I also have RA and did not know which caused pain stopped Zocor, pain improved dramatically, but weakness remains. Dr says permanent damage. Now I my cholesterol is high.

I have experienced some of these side effects -
Leg pain and weakness

I hope this information will be useful to others,
Todd Thomas

7:36 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about your experience. If that were me I'd consider trying ubiquinol, alpha-lipoic acid supplementation. This is not intended to diagnose, treat, manage or cure your disease state. Consult your physician. The "Life Extension" web site is useful to me.

9:49 AM  

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