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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Michael Jackson's claims to fame

Whatever the outcome of the Michael Jackson child molestation trial-circus, it's likely he'll always be remembered for his sexual proclivities as well as his knack for song and dance. His legacy in the music industry should include his blockbusting Thriller video. It was released in 1983 when MTV was still a naive infant. It was a channel one could turn to and watch clips of their favorite band. Before MTV came along you either saw your favorites live once every few years or looked at stills at the local music store or in a handful of magazines. There was no internet yet. Girls weren't yet going wild either, relatively speaking.
The Thriller dance sequence (it was a 13 minute video altogether) still wields heavy influence on today's musicians when choreographing their videos. Form a triangle or some sort of symmetrical configuration with your dancers, with the star out front, and dance away. Brittany, J-Lo, Madonna, Backstreet Boys, they've all followed the Jackson model. The next influential paradigm for video choreography is up for grabs. Who will it be and when will the Jackson model be ruled old-fashion?


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