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Saturday, March 12, 2005

Atlanta Courthouse Shootings

The tragedy of the shooting deaths of Atlanta judge Rowland Barnes, court reporter Julie Brandau and Sheriff's Sgt. Hoyt Teasley at the Fulton County Courthouse will be compounded by the inevitable follow-up analyses and "fixes." Defendant Brian Nichols, 33, standing re-trial on charges of rape, sodomy, burglary, false imprisonment and more, overcame Sheriff Deputy Cynthia Hall, taking her gun and then proceeded on his murderous rampage. His escort down the corridor to the courtroom was by Deputy Hall alone and he was not handcuffed. (Go to here to read the story).

Supposedly the deputies assigned to the task of escorting prisoners are stretched thin. The DAs office has been exposed to be in disarray. There's no reason to expect otherwise in our tax-happy, politically correct society. No nation has ever taxed it's way into Camelot. Now we wait for the high-payed executives to commune around large wooden tables and "fix the problem."

One factor that will be excluded from consideration is the wisdom of employing out-of-shape, middle-aged females as deputies. In our sensitivity-driven culture it would hurt the psyche of men and women to only hire young, strong, fit men for these positions. This is not to suggest barring women from employment but to ramp up the qualifications for all applicants.

Having three people shot in cold blood and others injured is not sufficient reason to employ wisdom when making policy. All the fixes considered will be "process focused" and any discussion of the qualifications of the people will be largely prohibited from discussion. This is not an indictment against Deputy Hall or other female deputies per se but just a statement of fact.

There are tens of thousands of able-bodied young males in fitness centers, high schools and universities across the nation who would be willing to work part-time escorting prisoners for $7.00 an hour. This won't be considered though because quota systems demand we hire and pay middle-aged, out-of-shape females a lot more dough so we can all feel good about our nondiscriminatory selves, at least those of us who won't be shot by prisoners taking guns from deputies and unloading a few rounds into our left ventricles or occipital lobes.
I wonder if the three people left dead by Nichols feel discriminated against?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

So you're saying I would not qualify to escort rapists to their hearing? I would think skinny, out of shape 40 something men should not qualify either. Is it the physical competency of the deputy we are impuning or the evil intent of the man she was escorting?
There are plenty of healthy, strong, physically strong deputies that occupy a coffin space right now. Just think back to the detectives who were shot from a criminal with a handcuff key in Tampa a few years ago. If the deputy was an overweight, middle-aged female she would have met the same fate. And I believe the judge in Atlanta would have met the same fate no matter who was escorting.

Is this characteristically the make up of these escorts or was this just her lucky day?

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