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Monday, January 03, 2005

The Tsunami

The Dec 25, 2004 tsunami-spawning earthquake that struck off the coast of Indonesia has gripped the world for days now for reasons most evident to all. We see the grief-stricken faces on television and the internet and express gratefulness that it wasn't us stuck in that mess. Without reiterating the obvious, allow this observations--

The nations most affected were predominantly home to those of the Islam and Hindu religious faiths. There are a handful of pockets of Christians in these areas and the opportunity to bless them and uplift the church in the process is wide open. I imagine though many churches and Christians in America will not seek out Christians through which to funnel donations but instead give to secular charities that will pass the funds off to government officials either cozy to these false religions or outright practicers of such. It's hoped that the flow of funds into these devestated areas will will flow more through the hands of God's people and that His church would grow in the process...

Sticking with the Islamic theme, it's interesting that the most help for the hardhit areas is coming from those who don't embrace Islam. That tells you alot about the differences between Mohammad and Jesus Christ...

Many tsunami survivors are fervently praying to Allah in the wake of this tsunami (no pun intended, at first). One can't rule out this is why the thing hit them in the first place...


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