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Saturday, July 31, 2004

Nour Mehana -- al-Qaeda-friendly?

Well, well. The Syrian Band that rattled the passengers on Flight #327--Nour Mehana--doesn't appear to be made up of friendly people. At Heather Wilhelm's site she points out that their song "Um El Shaheed" is a jihad-friendly little ditty. It translates, "Mother of a Martyr." Go to Heather's site for all the info.

Friday, July 30, 2004

Strike up the [Syrian] Band!

It appears the Syrian band that flew from Detroit to LAX--Nour Mehana, gave many passengers the woollies with their eccentric on-board actions. And almost all of them were here illegally! Yes, 13 of the 14 Syrians aboard Flight #327 had expired visas. (To really dissect the topic it appears one must first familiarize himself with the difference between P-1, P-3 and I-94 visas. It's never easy with the feds involved).
If Nour Mehana had tried to fly my airline with expired visas (if I had an airline, that is), they never would have boarded the plane. I would have have called the "authorities" to boot--you know, the official people that ... let ... them ... on flight #327 to begin with, ... Hhhmmmm??? It's a viscious cycle, ain't it?

Read a first-hand account from WomensWallStreet.com editor Annie Jacobsen here.

An interesting thread on the expired visas topic can be found here at http://michellemalkin.com/archives/000276.htm.

Thursday, July 29, 2004

Kerry Flip-flops and disqualifiers

Not that W is immune to playing politics, but John Kerry has proven that his core values were at some point, at least prior to the Vietnam War, cored. Click away on the links below if you need a primer on the man who made millions in public disservice.

John Kerry's flip-flops chronicled by Flipflopper.com.

John Kerry's flip-flops as recorded by nojohnkerry.org.

The article entitled John Kerry's waffles hits on John Kerry's waffling on issues including social security, trade, affirmative action, trade and more.

John Kerry the deer hunter?

John Kerry reenacts Vietnam war stories with his 8mm camera in hand.

John Kerry's denial on having Botox injections is covered in this story from News.scotsman.com.

The entire chain of command under which Kerry served are not in support of Kerry and his run at the White House. 220 of 229 Swift Boat veterans have signed an open letter questioning Kerry's fitness to serve as commander in chief. Newsmax.com has the story.

Click here to see a photo of the Swift officers opposed to Kerry.

This commercial by the Swift officers has the Kerry campaign all riled up.

The Goal of Deception

Satan's hallmark modus operandi has always been to accuse and deceive. The foundational untruth is to convince you and others that he doesn't exist at all. If God permits him a temporal victory it's best savored if someone else gets the blame for the crime inflicted. Winning is nice but concomitant humilation is better.

If a political party gains control over you, your property and your country, that brings them a certain measure of satisfaction. But if they can do it and convince you they've led you to the land of prosperity and freedom in the process the "coup d'├ętat" is all the sweeter. Any mention of the needs of the masses not being met will always be the fault other "divisive factions" engaged in mean-spirited politics. Accuse and deceive.

When a nation departs from God and His Law-Word man's laws inevitably rush in to fill the void. The state will assume a messianic complex that's the antithesis of Godliness. Appearance, rhetoric and oppression replace mercy, law and freedom. America has a remnant of faith but the counerfeit state is on the ascendancy, especially since the radical 60s. If the church of Jesus Christ will take Biblically mandated steps to foster its unity then the prosperity and freedom it yearns for will come to pass. Until the nationalists, multiculturalists and major political parties are abolished or Christianized the blessings they promise will taste much like gravel.

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Democratic National Convention

The big new item out of day #1 was Teresa Heinz Kerry's "Shove it" quote. The conventions being heavily scripted afford little to no new information. The cameras need to shift backstage and into dressing rooms to learn more about the candidates.

Bush-Kerry animated cartoon

Here's a link to the popular cartoon lampooning both major party candidates vying for the presidency of the United StatE. It's certainly more informative than the Democratic National Convention. Its popularity owes itself to connecting to what people truly believe about our candidates. If you don't like it, "shove ..." (Last word was striken from the record). Special thanks to Susan Estrich for her legal advice.

Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Teresa Heinz Kerry

Teresa Heinz Kerry's $4 million donations to the Tides Foundation warrants our attention. If the report from frontpagemag.com even brushes with the truth, it tells more about the Kerrys than that which we're spoon-fed by CNN. Imagine that.

Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Universal Health Care

If all Americans were entitled to universal music care the quality of musical instruments would decline while the costs would soar. Yet with universal health care were told just the opposite. Are we to believe the expected outcomes of a more tangible analogy/hypothetical, or a Washington politician?

Monday, July 19, 2004

Abraham Lincoln

Next time you get all goosey bumpy over Abraham Lincoln, consider these anecdotes.


Is not liberalism itself a weapon of mass destruction?


The Democrats' convention is approaching rapidly. If the attendees relieve themselves all over the city, for the lack of proper facilities, will this help or hurt Kerry?


One wonders if John Kerry selected Sen. John Edwards to be the presumptive veep candidate on his own volition or if he was "persuaded" to select Sen. Edwards. Here's a man further left than Ted Kennedy, short of experience and weak in his home state. Hillary must be pleased with the selection of Edwards.