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Thursday, September 30, 2004

"You're Fired!" said Mr. Trump

Donald Trump's show "The Apprentice" is perhaps the only place in media land where one can hear that sentimental, archaic expression, "you're fired." A phrase once commonplace in America has gone the way of other like words and phrases, such as janitor, waitress and garbage man. In an era where people take on an unrealistic burden not to hurt anyone's feelings we've replaced "you're fired" with sayings such as "you failed to meet your job requirements," "we're downsizing and closing your position," "we're letting you go," and "you're position has been eliminated." It is possible to say "you're fired" apart from being rude and insensitive, yet we've given up.

Firings are healthy. If gives the unqualified a chance to fit in elsewhere where they're both more productive and less detrimental. Firings free up space to plug in more gifted people. If motivates the qualified laggard to not repeat his mistakes with his next opportunity. It affirms the rights of the employer to do that which he pleases with his or her own property (i.e. capital earmarked to meet payroll).

It's doubtful Donald Trump will change the culture but at least his firings are a reminder of something good, albeit temporarily painful, from the past.


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