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Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Republican National Convention Underway

Opening night is in the books. The carefully scripted Republican National Convention unfolded with enough arrogance and hubris to rile both its Christian base and its opponents in the Democratic party. The unstated objectives were likely met though--appeal to the undecided swing voter.

Like the Democrats at their convention, a singer was trotted out to sing "Amazing Grace." A grace the Republicans as a party reject. To keep the religious pluralists happy there were invocations by a Mormon, Sheri Dew, and a Moslem, Imam Pasha.

Rudolph Guliani spoke of terrorists as hijacking a "great religion," an obvious reference to Islam. One wonders if Guliana believes al-Qaeda has hijacked a great form of terrorism from Hezbollah. The arguments are equally convoluted.

Hillary Clinton told Tim Russert afterwards that the convention is a "bait and switch" affair. She's right to a degree. Then when asked if she supports gay marriage she says "No," but then in the next sentence reaffirms her support for civil unions. But that is not "bait and switch."

We learned last night that George W. Bush is just about a full-blown "savior." God is continuing to be molded and shaped into the image of an American. One day we may grant Him the status He seeks. We first must arrive there ourselves.

The Republicans have a failing message, many flawed ideas, and are leading many people astray. If Kerry wasn't a worse choice I'd consider not voting for W in November. However, I'll pinch my nose and vote for W afterall.


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