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Saturday, August 07, 2004

Making elections safe

In its infinite wisdom, the U.S. State Department will do what Roe v. Wade did for abortions--keep 'em safe. At the impetus of runaway Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson (her sanitized site), the State Dept has caved into a smattering of congresspersons, 13 in all, and invited the dysfunctional United Nations to monitor the upcoming November election. That's American elections. As in, here in America. Furthermore, the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, comprised of 55 member nations including France, Germany, Italy, Russia, Spain and others, will also monitor our election.

To be fair and balanced, George W. Bush invited these guys. For an account go to the WorldNetDaily.com article.

This is obviously beyond the pale of the U.S. Constitution but when did the Constitution ever stand in the way of the practice of tawdry, manipulative and coercive politics? In the event these decisions aren't soon rescinded, permit me to make a couple of observations and proposals.

1. Someone should organize and record every U.N. election monitor so if the republic is overthrown afterwards we'll have the video to record the historic moment. It can be shown in schools when the tolerance lecture is blathered. (And it wouldn't be a bad idea for someone to video Michael Moore as he's taping the elections for his next blockheadbuster).

2. The Republicans should ask the State Dept to allow alien life forms to accompany the UN monitors so they can report back to the intergalactic cosmic brotherhood on whether or not Asian Americans were denied the right to vote in Miami.

3. Seven of the 13 congresspeople that lobbied hard for this intrusion are from the socialist-friendly states of California and New York. Perhaps a few other congresspeople can get together and organize a succession movement. We'll give up NY, CA, Hawaii and Massachusetts for starters. That should help diminish future assaults on that oft-ignored document--The Constitution.

4. The internationalists amongst us will rue what they get if their dreams come true. When mankind runs roughshod over law it will eventually encounter the lowest state of existence.


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