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Thursday, August 19, 2004

Defending a botched abortion

The following observation is not an attempt to be grotesque but to make a point. If you're easily made squeamish click on your "back" button. -- Scott

Worldnetdaily.com ran a story today about Davina Chambers, 29, having an abortion at the British King's College Hospital. Later on the night of the abortion, now at home, Davina went to her bathroom and what turned out to be the head of her recently "aborted" baby slipped out of "her" and into the toilet.

If this had happened in America, and the hospital was sued by Chambers, would the defense base its case on the head not really being a head? If yes, then they could move to have the whole case thrown out of court.

"Ladies and gentleman of the jury, it wasn't a head because a head implies a human life, and we know from Roe v. Wade that it cannot have been a head. It was just a pre-head. It was simply a fetal mass that might one day become a head. But it was not a head."

America makes less and less sense with each passing year.


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