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Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Centralized government

You have inherited Bill Gates' full estate. Everyone knows it, including thieves. In your infinite wisdom you convert an overwhelming majority of your capital to cash and store it in a central location in your home--let's say a huge cookie jar in your pool room. A friend suggests you divvy up your cash, convert it to different sorts of assets and invest it in various places and entities here and abroad. You decline. At this point the thieves have the upper hand as you've centralized your risk, putting a huge bull's-eye on it. Your vulnerability couldn't get much higher. The thieves rejoice and begin plotting on how to get past the Dobermans, video surveillance system and the 62-year-old butler. In their mind it's worth the risk.
Such is the wisdom of the American people. We've permitted the centralization of our money centers and government bureaucracies. No need for al-Qaida to take out one million targets when a handful will do. The feds have the capacity to protect a miniscule number of potential targets. We could have one hundred Department of Homeland Securities and a band of junior high schoolers could still penetrate the dragnet.
America claims to have an anti-slave mentality when its practices, if left unabated, will lead to a totalitarian state--tacit slavery to the messianic state.


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