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Friday, July 30, 2004

Strike up the [Syrian] Band!

It appears the Syrian band that flew from Detroit to LAX--Nour Mehana, gave many passengers the woollies with their eccentric on-board actions. And almost all of them were here illegally! Yes, 13 of the 14 Syrians aboard Flight #327 had expired visas. (To really dissect the topic it appears one must first familiarize himself with the difference between P-1, P-3 and I-94 visas. It's never easy with the feds involved).
If Nour Mehana had tried to fly my airline with expired visas (if I had an airline, that is), they never would have boarded the plane. I would have have called the "authorities" to boot--you know, the official people that ... let ... them ... on flight #327 to begin with, ... Hhhmmmm??? It's a viscious cycle, ain't it?

Read a first-hand account from WomensWallStreet.com editor Annie Jacobsen here.

An interesting thread on the expired visas topic can be found here at http://michellemalkin.com/archives/000276.htm.


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